What is a referral?

A referral can be made by anyone who is not a friend or family member/carer of the child. The reasons for referral are varied, from financial pressure due to changes in circumstances to the general effects of living in a low or single income family. Over one in four children in Dundee are officially living ‘in poverty’.

We welcome referrals from the following list of people. If it is you that is in need of support, please ask one of the following people that you have contact with and direct them to our referral form.

Who can make a referral?

Referral Form

  • Referral partner details

  • e.g. Midwife, NHS Tayside
  • We'll only use this to contact you if there is an issue
  • Family details

  • e.g. DD2 or DD4
  • Emergency referrals are for children who can't function without essentials. Non urgent is for everything else and we will normally provide packages within the 2 week period.
  • Max 200 words - Use this space to add any relevant details about the child or family. Do not include any children’s names in the text.
  • Children's details

  • Gender Age Actions
  • Submitting your referral

  • Once you press the big button below, we'll get your referral form and you'll get an email confirmation. Once we've created your package you'll get an email telling you it's ready and you'll have 14 days to collect it. Any equipment requests may take longer.