We at Togs are driven by the cases that we help. The difference that a small gesture can make to a family is incredible. This is just a small sample of the feedback we have collected.  

'Change in hand'

Togs usually only takes requests by referral but one morning a woman came to the door. She was very upset and came to Togs for help. Jordan invited her in for a cup of tea as she sensed it was a potential client.
She told her about how she could not find a cosy jumper for her eight-year- old daughter in any charity shops as she only had around £3 left.
She explained her situation and Jordan realised that this was a child who had been previously referred. She offered to provide some warm jumpers and anything else she might need for her. As they spoke Jordan heard about the real hardship that this whole family had been through and it made her feel better to know she could help practically, even though it was only with clothes.
When Jordan chose some suitable clothes, the client would not take the four jumpers she was offered. She took two, saying it would be more than enough. She then offered her the small change in her hand, which Jordan initially refused. But on seeing how her pride would benefit from paying, she accepted it. The mother left relieved and with her head held high.

I don't know what our families would do without your support.

E. Mitchell, Homestart

Karen M, Family Nurse

"When we handed over the package the family were in tears. They couldn't believe the amount given and the quality. They kept saying open mouthed; 'Look that this!- This is amazing!' They were so relieved"

On behalf of the family I am working with, thanks again. A small act of kindness goes a long way.

School and family development worker

How Dinosaurs made a Difference

Togs had put together a referral for four brothers who were in need of toys and bedding for their single beds. This was sent out and a few days later they received feedback that the youngest boy, who had never slept in his own bed before, had done so for the very first time because he was so happy to have dinosaur bed covers. The social worker said how this will make a huge impact on the whole family because the parents were not sleeping well with their youngest not leaving their side. They were all sleeping through the night for the first time since he was born. The worker and family were very glad of the service.
The family who donated the bedding may never know it was their unneeded bed covers that had such an incredible effect on another family.

This service allows us to leave families with joy. We often have heavy hearts but this is making such a difference.

P. Duncan, Health Visitor

Kinship Care

We helped two generations of the same family with packages for each child in the family. We were delighted to receive a big bag of crochet blankets that the Grandmother had made. She had care of the oldest child and could feel isolated and unable to do 'her own thing' at times. Knitting for Togs had given her something to do and she was so happy to be able to 'give back'. She said to Jordan; "Its been great to have something to focus on, and I have even smoked less because I was so busy!"

I really don't know how to thank you girls enough. You made my worries go away and made sure my daughter had everything she needed for coming home.

Anon, New Mum

Play Resources for our community groups

Togs has provided local toddler and kids groups with surplus toys and 'dressing up' clothes. This has enabled the children to have more play opportunities because of donors to our cause.

When I retired, I thought I may volunteer for a few organisations. I walked into Togs and I never looked for anything else.

Tilly, Volunteer

Isolated parents

Togs has provided many buggies and prams to families who either don't have them or who has one that broken. One Mother who had three children under five could not leave the house for over a week because her buggy had broken. She could not take them all out at the same time as she did not have a car and was unable to carry them all. When an expensive item needs replaced and there is no money or family support, the wellbeing of parents and children in this situation is compromised.

I'm blown away by the Togs for Tots to Teens service...The generosity of those who donate and the dedication of those who run the service can only be admired. Keep up the good work and be very, very proud of yourselves.

Anon, Dundee Evening Telegraph reader

Nothing but a vest.

Occasionally we will receive an emergency referral that requires immediate action. Jordan received a call one day about a child that was being taken to a family out of town by Social Work. This was an 'unplanned' event that meant that the social worker had to care for the child that day until the foster placement was ready. This toddler had the vest it came in and nothing else. There are funds that can be accessed by social workers, but our quick system meant that they could have toys, clothes and dummies for this little one without a long process or having to spend their own money. The child was soothed quickly and efficiently.

I haven't had anything to look forward to in years. I can't wait to get into Togs every day.

Rosie, Volunteer

Residential Trip

We have had many requests for families of children in their last year of primary school who can't afford the list of clothes and items required for all-weather activities. This can be because it is a shock to add on the cost on top of what has been paid for the trip itself, or because the place has been funded for them, but it doesn not cover 'kit' We have managed to help some parents and carers meet the requirements for a stress free and esteem building trip by providing a pack with everything from waterproofs to toiletries.

That story is heartbreaking. What you are doing is changing lives.

Cheryl, Facebook follower and donor

Low income working families.

Many of our requests are for families who have both (or single) parents in work or education, but struggling to make ends meet for a whole range of reasons. Whether it is because of new legislation that says you cannot claim Child Benefit for more than two children, international students who get no help from the government, or workers suffering in unreliable short or 'zero hour' contracts; We hope to bridge that gap when it comes to essentials for every child in that family for as long as they need it. We believe that every child should have the same life chances, and their parents status should not be a barrier to this.

It's truly a humbling experience.

Kirsty, Volunteer

Newborn babies.

Our referrals for expectant mothers/families is increasing. We understand that general poverty, being the 'third child in the family', unplanned pregnancy and Premature delivery are all complex issues that means that not every baby is born equal. We will continue to support these innocent babies health and development needs with your help.

You made a child very happy today. As soon as she got in from school she wanted to try it all on and it all fits great.

Anon, Mum of Teen